Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hair reconstruction.

So i had my hair cut today and my stylist pointed out a lot of things that are damaging my hair.
probably because i dye it way too much.
I sticked with the same style as i always have.

  • same length
  • long layers at the bottom
  • short choppy layers at the top
  • and a side swept fringe/bangs
But when i had my haircut and styled i noticed that my hair is patchy as anything. its like multi-toned.
from like red to black and theres some ginger in there too.
it looks awful.

So i decided a couple of weeks ago anyway that i wanted to dye my hair pink.
not normal hot pink that most girls want to do, yanno that style rhianna is posing about in right now, you know the one.,..THAT EVERYBODY HAS.
But if you imagine a stick of candy floss, well imagine that on my head! : D
Im using La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent hair dye in Carnation Pink.
The pots only holds 88ml of product, so i bought two tubs, but probs gonna need more as im doing the whole head.
but im going to need more pots anyway because i need to dye my clip in extensions too.

Oh and btw, can anyone give me any tips on how to bleach your hair?? or any links to any videos on youtube for a tutorial.
i have the bleach but it always burns my head, is this the process or do i just have a sensitive scalp.
any tips are very much appreciated!
cheers chickens